Route planning

You have an address, but don't know what route takes you there. 

Thanks to the Internet, there are few resources available in English to direct you to your destination using public transport. Highly popular is the Jakdojade(how to get to) web service. It also provides applications for Android, Apple and Windows Phone devices and a mobile website. as appears on a computer

How to use it?

To find your directions you type the origin and destination addresses in the following boxes (you can also use names of places and landmarks)


You may also choose other options such as the routing method (more changes, less changes, etc.) and the time of departure or arrival. The more options menu provides more specific filters.

After filling in the information and clicking on the Search button, results will be provided on the left and the route will be shown on the map.

For example: Warsaw Chopin Airport- Marriott Hotel To see this journey in, click on the photo. 


The sidebar provides detailed information about which stop to get on the vehicle and which stop to disembark. It also calculates the time of the journey and provides the time when the vehicle arrives at the stop according to the timetable.  Walking distances are also calculated.